Anti- Lock Brake System

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Ballwin MOEach of the new Toyota cars sold at your local dealership will come equipped with the unique Star Safety System. This system includes six separate safety systems, each having a distinct job and performance expectation. The system includes Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Electronic Brake- force Distribution, an Anti- lock brake system, Brake Assist and the Smart Stop Technology. These systems work in conjunction with each other to provide supreme safety standards. Any one of these systems is effective at achieving a certain level of safety. However, together they out- perform many other safety systems on the market.

The Anti- Lock brake portion of the Star Safety System is not new to the auto industry. It has been around for some time and has proven itself to be a critical part in all vehicle safety performance. Rarely will you find a vehicle on the market that does not have this system.  The system works by preventing the brakes from locking up when you press the brake pedal with great force. The anti- lock system will pulse the brakes in emergency braking situations in order to achieve the highest brake performance.

The new Toyota cars and Toyota hybrid cars St. Louis will have an Anti- Lock Brake system. When the ABS sensors detect the locking of certain wheels or all wheels the anti lock brake system will prevent the locking by pulsing the braking effort. Since this is not a naturally reaction for human to pulse the brakes in an emergency situation, this system takes that into its control. It takes the worry and pressure from the driver. This system has proven to be most effective at slowing the vehicle and bringing it to a stop in emergency situations.


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